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Neck Pain? Here is the Answer!

Professor Dal MonteThese widespread disorders, may finally be fought in an easy manner with the Dal Monte Muscle Relaxant Device. A unique device, covered by international patent, which removes the cause of the problem and leaves the muscles free to relax.
Result: neck pains are reduced and the well-being increases!

Prodotti per dolori cervicali

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Prevent or relieve neck or posture pains becomes easy and natural

The neck pain is a common affliction, chronic for most people. The causes may be different, but it primarily affects those people who have a sedentary lifestyle or are taking uncorrect postures as, for example, those who spend too many hours sitting in front of the PC (clerks, secretaries, teachers) or driving (truck drivers, commercial agents, taxi drivers, ecc.).

For all of them, il Prof. Antonio Dal Monte, world renowned physiologist and biomechanic (himself suffering for many years of a painful and debilitating neck pain), has designed and developed this ingenious and effective relaxant device of the cervical muscles. It relieves the tension that hangs over them, and make them return to work correctly without effort or stiffeners. Available as a hat, headband, visor and cloth cap, the Prof. Dal Monte muscle relaxant device is protected by an international patent.

...A matter of levers!

The human beings have the weight of the head which is too moved forward from the spinal column that supports it. For this reason, about 20 muscles in the neck area are in constant tension to allow us to keep our head upright. By applying appropriate weights (included in all of the device versions) at the nape, the head is back in a stable position and the muscles can relax. And that is why we are talking about muscle relaxant device.

Contratture alla cervicale - Questione di leve

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Scientifically proven.

The Prof. Dal Monte muscle relaxant device has been validated by scientific experiments carried on at the Polytechnic of Milan, the University of Udine and the clinic "Foro Italico" of the University of Rome. These trials have shown how it acts effectively, reducing the burden of work on the extensor muscles of the neck. Given also the total absence of contraindications, all our devices can be used together with medicines or other physiotherapic means.

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