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Scientific studies proven the efficacy of the muscle relaxant device for the neck pain

The Prof. Dal Monte muscle relaxant device has been scientifically validated by experiments carried on by the Universities of Milan, Udine and Rome, expressely designed to evaluate its effectiveness in preventing and combating cervical disorders.

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March 2013 - Minerva Medica - University of Rome

The Prof. Dal Monte the muscle relaxant device works effectively and its benefits are extended in time: this is what emerged from a study just published (March 2013) in the scientific journal Minerva Medica.

The purpose of the study was to determine the effectiveness of the device, by comparison it with other physiotherapyc methods used in the treatment of cervical pain. The results could not be more reassuring.

For 3 months, 45 volunteer patients in treatment at the clinic "Foro Italico" University of Rome, suffering from cervical grade II, have been tested in a double blind study. For 8 weeks a part of the sample group used the Dal Monte's hats, another party worn hats without the weights inside, and still others were treated with pulsating electromagnetic fields.

Result of the study? The Dal Monte's device, compared to the hat without weights and the electromagnetic fields has shown the best results in terms of reduction of three measures of pain intensity and disability in both immediate response and in the long run.

Influence of the weighted hat on the EMGraphic activity of the cervical muscles and on the static postural management.

The study has been carried out by: Enrico Rejc, Alessandra Bressani, Guglielmo Antonutto, Pietro E. di Prampero at the University of the Studies of Udine, Department of Scinces and Biomedical Technologies.

Polytechnic of Milan

Influence of an Eccentric Load Placed at the Back of the Head on Head-Neck Positioning.

Reseach realized by Antonio Pedotti, Esteban Pavan, Carlo Frigo of the Laboratory of Biomedical Technologies of the Polytechnic of Milan.


Muscle Relaxing System

Muscle Relaxing System - Preliminary Results
This is the article realized by prof. Antonio Dal Monte and by the prof Silvana Giannini.