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Why the muscle relaxant device works for cervical contractures

Le contratture cervicali (o "cervicale", come viene comunemente detta) sono un disturbo molto frequente, talora cronico, per il quale statistiche dimostrano come ne soffra un italiano su sette. Il nostro dispositivo, con la sua specifica proprietà di decontrarre i muscoli cervicali, è un valido ausilio per alleviare o prevenire il dolore cervicale. Non ha controindicazioni e potete indossarlo con disinvoltura in qualsiasi momento della giornata.

Why the muscle relaxant device fight the neck pain?

Contratture alla cervicale The Prof. Dal Monte device prevents the neck pain because it is a muscle relaxant which helps to take the correct posture without straining the muscles supporting the head.

The balancing weights inserted into the device (either hat, visor, cloth cap or headband), allow to move back the center of gravity of the head so eliminating the effort that muscles should make to keep it upright. These weights are positioned at the nape, eliminating the effort that the muscles should be made to assume the correct position. If worn daily, our device helps to relieve from neck pain as demonstrated by several scientific studies.

When to use it?

The Professor Dal Monte's device, can be worn at any time of the day, in front of the TV or computer, walking, driving and during all activities which needs to keep the head upright.

The prolonged clinical trials have undoubtedly verified the beneficial effects of the device and excluded any type of contraindication. After a few days you can switch to an extended use and, over the time, the muscles in the neck area will begin to relax and, above all, to "learn" how to adopt the correct position by reducing the pressure on the cervical vertebrae which is often the cause of pain (see the video of the interview with Prof . Dal Monte).

In the first days it is advisable to use the muscle relaxant device for short periods of 20-30 minutes several times on the same day to allow for a gradual adaptation.