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Welness Style Line

All the muscle relaxant devices of the "Wellness Style" are protected by an international patent, and are coming to your aid for the prevention and treatment of cervical pain.

All products are scientifically validated and without any kind of contraindication. Thus they may be used alone or in combination with other pharmacological or physiotherapic therapies already in place.

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Cappello del professor Dal Monte


A normal and stylish headgear that helps to prevent and combat the neck pain.

Coppola del professor Dal Monte

Cloth Cap

The ideal choice for those who like to be practical and stylish.

Visiera del professor Dal Monte


Light, practical and well suited for the hot days of summer.

Fascia del professor Dal Monte


Do not forget to take care of your neck pain even during sports.

Cuscino del professor Dal Monte

Cervical Pillow

Useful not only for the cervical, but also to help the face to remain elastic and without wrinkles.

Supporto Lombare del professor Dal Monte

Lumbar Support

For anyone who is always in the car, a "tailor-made" support able to foster a perfectly physiological curvature in the spine.