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RAI (main Italian broadcast TV channel)

Professor Antonio Dal Monte is guest star of the TV show Geo & Geo.
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La Repubblica (Italian main newspaper)

A two pages in-depth article about the benefits of the Prof. Dal Monte muscle relaxant device against neck pain adn headache, has been published on January 18, 2011.
Read full article in pdf.

TV Sorrisi e canzoni (Italian magazine)

Onto the Health column, they talk about Prof. Dal Monte muscle relaxant device.
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Donna Moderna (Italian magazine)

Onto the"Wellness" column, it is suggested the use of the muscle relaxant hat as a wellness adjuvant.
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Più sani Più belli (Italian magazine)

Onto the "Horizons of Science" column, an interview with Prof. Dal Monte.

LRead full article in pdf.

Liguria Notizie (Italian newspaper)

An artice about the "Festival of Science", where Prof. Dal Monte goes in-depth on wellness and neck pain related problems.

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Cyclinside (International sports magazine)

An interesting hihlight on, reveals the usefulness of the muscle relaxant device also for bycicle riders.
Go to the article: The neck relax helps to recover from bycicle efforts