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Il Professor Antonio Dal Monte (en)

Il Professor Antonio Dal MonteProfessor Antonio Dal Monte is a famous Italian doctor specialized in Physiology, Biomechanics and Sports Medicine. He has published over 400 scientific studies and has collaborated with many car manufacturing companies to produce comfortable car seats. He has been Scientific Director  of the Institute of Sport Science of the Italian Olympic Committee (C.O.N.I.) and Head of the Physiology and Biomechanics of the same Institute.
He has carried out  important research into the vertebral spine and especially its cervical section.
Dal Monte’s muscle relaxant device (or Neck Balancing System) is certainly one of Professor Dal Monte’s most brilliant intuitions: our head centre of gravity has a much forward position compared to the balancing point based on the spine. In order to keep the head upright, more than 20 muscles placed at the base of the skull come into action and they must make a remarkable effort because the distance from the point where they are joined to the skull and the balancing point of the head is very short. So in this way we have a very short lever.
Professor Dal Monte has assumed that by extending the lever arm, the effort made by these muscles will be considerably reduced. This result can be obtained using the balancing weights placed in DM2.
It is simply the application of Archimedes’s discovery: "Give me a lever and I will lift the world!"

Honoris Causa

Honoris CausaHe has been member of the National Health Institute.
He get the Honoris Causa Degree from the University of State of Kiev, Ukraine.
He get the Honoris Causa Degree from the Czech Association of Medicine J. E. Purkyne - Prague.
He get the Honoris Causa Degree in "Science and Technology of Sport" from the University of L'Aquila, Faculty of “Physical Education”.
He has been awarded, by the Fédération Internationale Aéronatique, with the "Paul Tissandier Diploma" for services rendered to the Air Force and air sports.
He has been awarded with the "Gold Star for sporting merit."
In sport, has played in national and international competitions such as paddler.
It has been European Champion as a motorboating pilot and has achieved good results in competitive shooting (rifle).
Still practice, as a pilot, participating in competitions and even winning National Championship races, the sport of Powered Flight. He is also glider pilot.
Participate, as a pilot, in competitions for classic cars.


CommissioniHe is Vice-President of the Medical Board of F.A.I. (Fédération Aéronatique Internationale) and member of the Medical and Safety Commissions of the U.I.M. (Union Internationale Motonautique). He has been part of the Medical and Antidoping Committees of the I.A.A.F. (International Amateur Athletic Federation). HE is President of the Medical Commission of the Iatlian Aero Club.

FIAT Group

FIATSince more than 35 years, he is consultant of the FIAT Group in the field of vehicle seats and on-board instrumentation. As a part of the consultancy may patents have been released, more than 500 reports and numerous conference presentations. He has studied and realized driving positions and study of posture in automotive racing vehicles, motorboat, aircraft and gliders with particular reference to the optimization of the operational relationship "man-machine".

Friuli Region

Regione FriuliIn the years 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 has carried out activities of APPLIED ERGONOMICS for the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region in the context of an advice for the Scientific and Technological area of Trieste. From this collaboration, many industrial patents have arised, and sevral intervantions in different fields of production (operating seats, chairs, armchairs, dental equipment, industrial vehicles, knives, shears, children's beds, etc.).