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What is the Prof. Dal Monte muscle relaxant device?

A non pharmacological aid for the neck pain treatment!

The Muscle Relaxant Device or Neck Balancing System is certainly one of Professor Dal Monte’s most brilliant intuitions: our head centre of gravity has a much forward position compared to the balancing point based on the spine. In order to keep the head upright, more than 20 muscles placed at the base of the skull come into action and they must make a remarkable effort because the distance from the point where they are joined to the skull and the balancing point of the head is very short. So in this way we have a very short lever. Professor Dal Monte has assumed that, by extending the lever arm, the effort made by these muscles will be considerably reduced. This result can be obtained using the balancing weights placed into our device. It is simply the application of Archimedes’s discovery: "Give me a lever and I will lift the world!”.

The device appears as an ordinary hat or baseball cap (there are different models – also headbands, visors and cloth cap) with special balancing weights, soft and flexible (protected by patent), positioned in the back of the headwear, having a variable weight in accordance with the different sizes.  With a head width between 53 to 57 cm. two weights of 150 gr. each are required. With head width between 58 cm. to 63 cm. two weights of 200 gr. each are required. The assessment of the right weight has been made after long clinic experimentation.

The Muscle Relaxant Device has no side effects at all or contraindications and can be worn even for prevention.

Neck Pain Treatment

Trattamento della cervicalgiaThe most common therapies used in the treatment of neck pain can be medical, physical or conservative. The creation of this device is the result of studies in biomechanics accomplished by Professor Antonio Dal Monte verified and tested by scientific research carried out at the Polytechnic Institute of Milan, at the University of Udine and  “Foro Italico” University in Rome. Further studies are being carried out in other University departments.

The Muscle Relaxant Device balancing system is an extremely easy kind of therapy and one which is completely deprived of any side effect; it does not require long or repetitive treatments, but can be dealt with by the patient himself in total freedom.

Besides, the low costs of a treatment with Professor Dal Monte's device are to be considered compared to the great relief given by its use. Devices can be used almost everywhere – in the office, at home, etc. – thus reducing the time to heal and feel the beneficial effects. Since it has no side effects (in fact no side effects have so far been detected), it can be used in association with other therapies.

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